Free Initial Evaluation and Consultation.

When you first come in to see me as an actual training client, before
touching a weight, before putting in a single drop of sweat, we will sit down
and discuss everything from your eating habits, current fitness, body fat
percentages, any injuries, any doctor orders or limitations, any medications
you may be on, and much more.

Before we can plan out a plan of attack, we have to first know where we are
starting from. And make no mistake, the word 'attack' is used intentionally.  

When I work out I am going to war against an enemy that wants to kill me
with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, pain,
arthritis, and the multitude of other ailments that can and will end my life
sooner than I am willing.

The more I exercise, the more I move, the more I eat right, the longer I can
play with my grandkids, ride my Harley, be there for my wife and the better I
can enjoy my overall quality of life.

Lots of times I hear people tell me they simply do not have the 'spare time'
needed to exercise. Hey, ya know what, that's cool. I completely
understand. Really I do.

Just let me ask you one question? How much time do you think it's gonna
take for your own funeral? Cause being dead seems like it's going to be a
lot longer period of time than exercising and eating right.

So when you come in, we'll sit down and see what we have to start with.  

BTW, FYI, Too Your Health Spa offers everyone who joins the gym a Free
First Training Session with one of the trainers. This is to teach you the
basics of how to use the various Nautilus Machines without injuring
yourself. This First Training does
not include the complete evaluation I go
through with new clients, nor does it include setting up an exercise program
for you.

When you purchase a
training package you receive a specific number of
training sessions with which ever trainer you decide on (be it myself or one
of the other trainers who work at TYHS). In addition to those training
sessions, I
also include an additional session which includes this fitness
evaluation, setting up your program, etc.  

Yours in health and fitness,

Mr. Robert
Your Certified Personal Trainer
Belleview, Florida, Including The Villages and Ocala, Fl
Individual Program Design
To Help YOU Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Get Fit
Where To Find Me
Too Your Health Spa
5300 S.E 110th ST
Belleview, Fl 34420
(352) 245-2800
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