First, FYI, Too Your Health Spa sets the rates for Personal Training
Sessions. The trainers, including myself, receive a percentage of that total.

Before I get into the actual personal training rates, there are a few things I
like people to know and understand up front.

First and foremost, I do not train people 'for the money'. Period. I own a
couple of
businesses that provides me a decent income outside of the gym.

I also
do not train everyone who asks me to be their trainer.

This is because, unfortunately, too many times, far too many people only
want someone to hold their hand, stand around and jaw-jack, or wait while
they talk on their cell phone.  In other words, they are not serious about
changing their body or their life.  If someone is not willing to put forth 100%
into their training, their workouts, their time with me, at my age (see the
picture below), I simply don't have time or patience for it .

Sorry, not trying to be rude, simply stating how it is. If you are seriously
committed to getting fit and healthy, then I am fully committed to teaching
you how to better yourself. If not, I can recommend some other trainers who
you might be more comfortable with.

Of course you are also more than welcome to train on your own, without
the help and knowledge of an experienced personal trainer. However,
please keep in mind, even the most experienced Professional Body
Builders, people like 4 Time and current Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, and just
about every pro in the IFBB, as well as Professional Power Lifters,
Professional Fitness Figure Stars, all hire personal trainers, nutritionists
and the like. Why? Because no one person knows it all.

It's why you hire an auto mechanic at $75 or $80 an hour. Or a plumber to
come to your home at $100 just to show up, before he does anything. Or
like my Harley mechanic at $82 an hour. You hire a professional to do what
he or she has been trained and taught to do.

The difference with a Personal Trainer, is we teach you to eventually do
most of it for yourself. But even then, it is good to still get the advise of a

Personal Training Rates at Too Your Health Spa are as follows:

1/2 Hour Training Packs

(Starter Pack) 5 Sessions = $139.00

5 Sessions = $159.00 / $31.80 Per Session
10 Sessions = $270.00 / $27.00 Per Session
12 Sessions = $300.00 / $25.00 Per Session
18 Sessions = $396.00 / $22.00 Per Session

1 Hour Training Packs

1 Session =$50.00
6 Sessions / 2 Weeks = $270.00 / $45.00 Per Session
12 Sessions / 4 Weeks = $480.00 / $40.00 Per Session
18 Sessions / 6 Weeks = $630.00 / $35.00 Per Session

2 People / 1 Hour Training Packs

6 Sessions =$456.00 / $38.00 Per Person Per Session
12 Sessions = $696.00 / $29.00 Per Person Per Session
18 Sessions =$972.00 / $27.00 Per Person Per Session

Remember, in addition to these training sessions you purchase I personally
also include the
Free Initial Evaluation and Consultation that you will
receive if/when I accept you as a training client.

If you feel like you are ready to commit to your future health and well being,
feel free to contact Too Your Health Spa at the phone number above on
the left and let them know you would like to schedule a meeting with me.

Yours in health and fitness,


BTW, this is me doing barbell shoulder shrugs at 545 Pounds for 10 reps,
only thing different is my hair is shorter now. But as you might be able to
tell by the hair and beard color, I'm no youngster.
Mr. Robert
Your Certified Personal Trainer
Belleview, Florida, Including The Villages and Ocala, Fl
Individual Program Design
To Help YOU Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Get Fit
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