Let's Talk About Protein.

Just as with carbohydrates, there is a lot of good information available on
the Internet and a lot of useless info as well. Not to mention all the
conflicting information that confuses the hell out of anyone looking for a
straight answer.

So first and foremost, I am
NOT gonna tell you exactly how many grams of
protein you should eat each day.

Because honestly, I have no frigging clue how many YOU need to take.

The term ‘
protein’ is derived from the Greek word 'proteious' or 'protas'  
meaning ‘
of first importance’ or 'of first rank'. And there is a reason for that.
Several reasons actually.

Fact: Protein is the single most important nutrient for any one
looking to build muscle. Period.

Protein is what makes up and maintains most everything in our bodies.
Proteins are differently arranged strands of amino acids. (And amino's are
a topic for a different article at a future date.)

On average, meaning this is not set in concrete for everyone, on average,
the general recommendation for
ATHLETES is 1 TO 1.5 grams of protein
per pound of
LEAN bodyweight.

Please go back and read that paragraph again. 1 to 1.5 grams of protein,
per pound of
LEAN bodyweight, for ATHLETES. Those 1 to 1,5 grams of
protein should be eaten out over the course of 5-6 small meals per day.

This means if you sit on your azz all day, do not exercise intensely, or at all,
are 250 pounds, and 75 pounds of that is hydrogenated body fat, and if
you are taking 250 to 400 grams of protein a day, you are doing a lot more
harm than good.

However, if you are a 175 pound lean, mean, fighting machine; if you
workout with serious intensity everyday; in order to build muscle and to
repair the muscles you break down during exercise, then yes, your body
will need and use from 175 to 250 grams of protein a day. That protein also
builds and repairs blood, bones, teeth, skin, hair, nails, and even your
internal organs.

If protein takes up too large a part of your diet it can and will cause
gastrointestinal disorders the likes of which will have you, and those around
you, crying for your mommy. Unused protein in the intestines can lead to
some really, and I do mean really foul-smelling gas. As well as for some
people, cramps, and yes even nausea. It also takes a toll on the kidneys.

The trick is to find the right balance of protein for you, as well as selecting
good sources of protein.

Those protein foods which are from animal origin (meat, poultry, fish, eggs,
cheese, and milk), contain all of the essential amino acids and are
therefore called complete proteins.

Proteins found in vegetables are usually lacking one or more of the
essential amino acids, so they are called incomplete proteins. (However,
you can often combine 2 incomplete vegetable proteins to make a very
high quality complete protein.)

WebMd.com has a great article on great sources of protein that I suggest
everyone should read.

(By the way, just in full disclosure, my oldest daughter works for WebMd.

If you want to build muscle, protein is the
ONLY nutrient that will do it.
Carbs give you energy for the workout and for getting through your day.
Protein builds the muscle. Muscle also burn calories at a rate of about 3 to
1 over hydrogenated body fat.

And no, the chances of you, male or female, eating enough protein and
working out enough to look like California Governor, former Mr. Olympia,
Arnold Schwarzenegger are somewhere between slim and none. Or, well,
at least without some seriously good genetics or else some help from
modern illegal chemical engineering. (Which I do not recommend)

Yours in health and fitness,

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