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Recipes for Losing Weight and  
Building Muscle
Each exercise day start with 1 mile walk then 15 to 20 light reps working same body part as
being exercised that day.                                        
Finish each exercise with about 30% of the weight for 10 reps for 7 sets with only 15
seconds rest between sets.   
20 Minutes HIIT Cardio (High Intensity Interval Training)
every other
Make sure to stretch for 10-12 minutes after training.     

Set        Shoulders & Traps                          Rest After Set        Rep Range        
1st        Overhead Press                                  4 mins                    6 to 8                
2nd        Dumbbell Lateral Raises                  none                      6 to 8                
2nd        Overhead Press                                 4 mins                    6 to 8                
3rd        Dumbbell Lateral Raises                    none                     6 to 8                
3rd        Overhead Press                                  2 mins                    6 to 8                
4th        Overhead Press                                   2mins                    6 to 8                
5th        Overhead Press                                    4 mins                  6 to 8                

6th        Cable Shrugs*                                       2 mins                8 to 12
7th        Cable Shrugs*                                       2 mins                8 to 12
8th        Cable Shrugs*                                       2 mins                8 to 12
9th        Cable Shrugs*                                         done!                 8 to 12

* or 'trap bar shrugs' or 'upright rows'                       

Set        LEGS                               Rest After Set        Rep Range
1st        Barbell Squat                      4 mins                   6 to 8
2nd        Barbell Squat                     4 mins                  6 to 8
3rd        Leg Press                            4 mins                  6 to 8
4th        Leg Press                            3 mins                  6 to 8
5th         Leg Extensions                  3 mins                   6 to 8
6th        Leg Curls                              4 mins                  6 to 8
7th        Calf Raises                           2 mins                   7 to 10
8th        Calf Raises                           2 mins                   7 to 10
9th        Calf Raises                              done!                  7 to 10

Set        Chest & Abs                       Rest After Set        Rep Range
1st        Barbell Bench Press***             3 mins               6 to 8
2nd        Pec Deck                                    3 mins                6 to 8
3rd        Pec Deck                                     none                   6 to 8
3rd        Barbell Bench Press***            4 mins               6 to 8
4th        Pec Deck                                     none                    6 to 8
4th        Barbell Bench Press***              3 mins               6 to 8
5th        Barbell Bench Press***              4 mins               6 to 8

6th        Weighted Sit-Ups*                       2 mins              8 to 12
7th        Weighted Sit-Ups*                       2 mins              8 to 12
8th        Weighted Sit-Ups*                       2 mins              8 to 12
9th        Hanging Leg Raises**               2 mins              8 to 12
10th        Hanging Leg Raises**             2 mins             8 to 12
11th        Hanging Leg Raises**             done!               8 to 12

* feel free to use machines that produce a similar movement & effective
** use added weights or keep your legs straight if you are strong enough. Alternatively
perform reverse crunches.
***or use dumbbells

Set        BACK & BICEPS                  Rest After Set        Rep Range
1st        Deadlift                                       3 mins                  4 to 6
2nd        Deadlift                                      4 mins                  4 to 6
3rd        Deadlift                                       3 mins                   4 to 6
4th        Barbell Row                               2 mins                   6 to 8
5th         Barbell Row                              2 mins                   6 to 8
6th        Decline Cable Pullovers*        2 mins                    6 to 8
7th        Decline Cable Pullovers*        5 mins                    6 to 8

8th        Cable Preacher Curls                2 mins                   6 to 8
9th        Cable Preacher Curls                2 mins                   6 to 8
10th        Cable Preacher Curls                 none                   6 to 8
10th        Barbell Curls                              2 mins                   6 to 8
11th        Barbell Curls                              2 mins                  6 to 8
12th        Barbell Curls                               done!                   6 to 8

* if you have access to a pullover machine use it instead.                        
Alternatively perform lat pulldowns                        
Set        Triceps & Forearms              Rest After Set        Rep Range
1st        Skull Crushers                             3 mins                   6 to 8
2nd        Skull Crushers                            3 mins                   6 to 8
3rd        Skull Crushers                             4 mins                   6 to 8
4th        Tricep Pushdowns                       3 mins                  6 to 8
5th         Tricep Pushdowns                      3 mins                  6 to 8
6th        Tricep Pushdowns                       2 mins                   6 to 8
7th        Tricep Pushdowns                       2 mins                 12 to 15
8th        Forearm Curls                               2 mins                  6 to 8
9th        Forearms Curls                             2mins                   6 to 8
10th        Forearm Curls                              Done!                  12 to 15
Rep Range means you choose a weight that allows you to reach failure IN that rep
range. You cannot do another rep with good form or without cheating.
My Own Current 8 Week Daily Training Phase: